Can I get pregnant if he pulls out?

Dan & Caroline December 29, 2013
Can I get pregnant if he pulls out?

Dan says

“An army of sperm is always on a mission and you need to be ready. Sleep with one eye open, sterilize everything those cheeky little guys come in contact with. They can travel great distances overnight. Let’s say your man blows his load over your tits and a little bit shoots past and lands on the lamp. Clean that shit NOW! They will come, and they will find you. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But they will find you. And when they do…”

Caroline says

“I can thank the pull out method for my first child, so yes, any contact with a penis and your vagina can possibly get you pregnant. There are certain times of the month when women are more fertile and there are some natural contraceptive methods you can use but you must be diligent to prevent getting pregnant. Have a look here to find out more about natural methods.”

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