How do I introduce my girlfriend to anal?

Dan & Caroline November 8, 2012
How do I introduce my girlfriend to anal?

Caroline says

“Anal sex while taboo, can be cathartic. There is a reason why we call people names like “anal retentive, tight ass or ask what’s stuck up her ass.” Anal sex is the ultimate exercise in relaxing and letting go, opening the receiver up on many levels.I believe the best way to warm a woman to anal is slowly and gently. Start by telling her that she has a beautiful ass, caressing her and get her used to being touched in that area. She needs to trust you and herself in order to surrender in that way.

You need to adore her ass in order to penetrate it so focus on that. A few drinks always helps, along with going slowly, making sure her clitoris is stimulated either with fingers or a vibrator helps her relax and using a good lubricant is a must. Bottoms up ;-)

Dan says

“Alcohol and lube. Lots of lube!! No seriously, trust trust trust! She needs to feel completely comfortable and relaxed around you so she can be herself and completely let go. Let her know how amazing her body is and start building an up close and personal relationship with that ass. Slowly definitely wins this race.”