How do I know if she’s “the one”?

Dan & Caroline December 6, 2012
How do I know if she’s “the one”?

Dan says

“I believe people pop into your life for reasons and seasons. I don’t think there’s some magic cookie cutter formula, a once size fits all rule for life, or relationships. Every single one of us is on our own awesome little journey through life, maybe in yours you’ll find your “one”, maybe in mine I’ll experience a series of “ones”? That’s all part of the beauty of life.I probably look at things a little differently in terms of “what experiences am I giving this person?” “what experiences is this person giving me?”, do I enjoy spending time with this person? Do we have a good intimate connection? Does spending time with this person bring out the best in me, or parts of the worst in me so that I can deal with them and become more loving, caring and authentic? do we have the same base morals and values? how does this person treat themselves, the people they care about, and me? does this person have a good circle of friends around them? do we want the same things out of life? can they compromise on things and meet in the middle should they need to? Then other times, sometimes I’ll just ask myself, Yes, or No?”

Caroline says

“You don’t. I believe that there are lots of “ones” out there. We get so caught up with whether or not someone is the “one” and what might happen in the future that we miss out on having fun and enjoying hanging out and getting to know someone. I think a lot of us mistake a relationship with drama and infatuation for a soul-mate connection.The questions to ask yourself are: Do i feel good when I’m with this person? Do they accept me just as I am right now? Do they support me in achieving my dreams? Do I accept them without wanting them to change something? Do we want similar things in life? Do I trust them? Do I like most of their friends and family? Am I attracted to and have good sex with this person? If you answered no to any of these questions, you need to take a good hard look at your relationship since these issues can cause connections to break down. Stop worrying about if they are the one and enjoy right now. If they are, things will progress naturally and it will all work out.”