Is it possible to successfully date multiple people?

Dan & Caroline July 30, 2012
Is it possible to successfully date multiple people?

Caroline says

“Definitely. I used to have what I called the four-man plan. I dated several men at once until one came out the clear winner. Sometimes none of them did so I just kept dating. I think people commit before they really know if they are compatible. If you are a woman wanting to get married, my advice is to not commit until marriage is on the table. If you are looking for husband don’t settle for a boyfriend or even worse a fuck-buddy.Don’t put your eggs in one basket. I do know though that there have been a few men that I fell hard for and have dropped everyone else. I was dating several men when I met my current partner, after one date I let the other men I was seeing know that I had met someone and wasn’t available. For me the difference was that we both fell instantly for each other and were open about it. If he had been nonchalant or distant, I would have continued dating other men.

Dating several men at once is fun. You go out with the man who calls first and don’t change times or rearrange your schedule to see the man you like best.Dating multiple men has saved my sanity on many occasions. You know how it goes, you meet a guy, you think he’s amazing and you start focusing on him and only him. Next thing you know, you’re wondering if he is really into you or not and you are guessing where your relationship is going. With the multiple-man plan you don’t invest in one man until you are sure that one of them is right for you and wants the same kind of relationship you do. Each situation is different and some people are not comfortable dating more than one person, but if you are, it can be a hell of a lot of fun.”

Dan says

“Everything is possible. Should you be dating multiple people?Take it from someone that knows, the only time you want and should date multiple people is when you haven’t met someone you would give up multiple dating for. You can have all the rules in the world but when you meet someone that truly sets your heart on fire, every rule you held to be gospel goes out the door.

Short of being narcissistic, I firmly believe that if you strip away all the bullshit, every human wants to give and receive love. Multiple dating can be a lot of fun, but there’s something pretty amazing about being with someone that’s so right for you, that you’re willing to forget about dating anyone else.”