My boyfriend is having problems getting it up. What should I do?

Dan & Caroline July 23, 2012
My boyfriend is having problems getting it up. What should I do?

Dan says

“Be sensitive, be loving and be kind. Chances are very very high, that this is not about him finding you any less attractive than he did yesterday. There’s a million and one reasons why this could be happening, and the last words your man wants to here are “is there something wrong?”. This is a rarely talked about topic and it’s one that should be because most men will go through this many times in their lives. The cause is either physical or psychological and it’s either a new condition or an existing one. Be supportive of him if he has stresses going on outside of your relationship.

If there are issues in the relationship that maybe causing stress communicate with him openly and honestly, get them out in the open and get them sorted now. If it’s physical then I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but statistics can almost guarantee that he’s well on his way to a heart attack within five years. Viagra is simply a band aid to a potentially more serious problem. Seriously. He has to start regular exercising and start eating foods that nourish the body and assist in producing enough nitric oxide to get and maintain a normal healthy erection.

If he’s got deeper issues, then seeing a hypnotherapist such as Caroline or a psychologist may also be just what the doctor ordered.

Lastly, I also have some pills for that. Yes, I actually do, along with some amazing resources that will help. Go check out

Caroline says

“Stay calm and supportive. Erectile dysfunction affects 1 in 10 men and can be caused by several different factors. The most common physical causes are heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, low testosterone, alcohol, drugs and medication. If it’s in a man under 45, I treat it as a psychological after ruling out and treating physical factors. I believe erection issues can also be a phobia, it happens and it is so horrifying for the poor guy that he worries it will happen the next time.And he is so anxious and focused on whether his dick will get hard that it happens again! This causes a pattern that can get stuck on repeat. Another factor that may be causing ED is watching porn, seriously! Porn addiction can cause physical changes in the brain with a man’s dopamine receptors, which are the first trigger for an erection. Look it up!

Talk to your boyfriend about it and if it keeps happening, support him in getting help. Hypnotherapy and counseling are very helpful too. I help a lot of men with this issue and it can be fixed. I also recommend to rectify the issue quickly.”